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New Cover!

Okay, now that that's done, I'm off to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the morning with Dad -- his Christmas gift trip!
After all this time, my first novel, AfterAge, is now available again from Crossroad Press. You can pick it up in Kindle format on Amazon, and there are other formats available here on the Crossroad site. AfterAge was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award in the First Novel category and most people really liked it, although for some reason most of the reviews seem to have disappeared off Amazon. There's a big ol' excerpt right here, which links to yet another excerpt, so you can try out a nice chunk first to see if you like it. :o)


Have you read HIGHBORN yet?  No?  Why not?  Check out the awesome review at The Deepening to see what one reviewer thinks you're missing.

Outlining, Rusty Screwdrivers and Teeth

Today I talk about all of these exceedingly fun things over at FreshFiction.com.


Drop by the Barnes and Noble on Broadway in Tucson, Arizona at around 2:00 p.m. this Saturday.  I'll be signing copies of HIGHBORN, and I'd love to sign one or two or ten for you (they make great holiday gifts). 

Here's the Event Listing.

HIGHBORN has gotten some pretty good reviews around the web.  Drop by the HIGHBORN page on Facebook for more info.  :0)

Cheerios for Breakfast... but no Milk??!

Yet again, Wes takes off and leaves Yvonne unsupervised in November.

Breakfast... of Champi-- er, Cheerios!

By the way, please be sure to check in with my main FB page.  It's updated more often just because, well, it's easier.  :0)  There's all kinds of fun stuff there-- pictures of the dogs (new -- June -- blind Ghoulie!), videos, book info.

HIGHBORN isOfficially Out Today!

Yes yes yes!

Pick up your copy now and all that stuff!  And while you're at it, check out the awesome
Book Trailer that The Husband made for it!

Did I say Wheeee?!  :)


I know.  I'm dull.  I'm boring.  I'm too quiet.  But wait -- I'm yapping away over on Facebook.  Alas, I have to admit that it's easier to just type in a sentence or two now and then instead of going through the entire "post an entry" thing.  Sorry!

So a quick update.  Sent off CONCRETE SAVIOR to my editor on September 26th.  Got a message yesterday...

The publication date was moved up to June 2011!  Wow -- I guess that means she likes it, right?  :)

For folks toddling around Tucson, Arizona today at RinCon, check out my website -- www.yvonnenavarro.com -- for my schedule.  Weston Ochse and I will be there doing a couple of panels and a signing before zipping back home to tend to the three Great Danes.  I think most everyone knows by now that in a week long "moment" of sheer insanity, we drove 4,000 miles to North Carolina at the end of June and adopted a blind Great Dane puppy.  So now we have Goblin, The Ghost, and Ghoulie.  Pictures of this mass insanity are available on FB.

And happiest birthday ever to my super friend,
[info]weezlgrrrl !


CONCRETE SAVIOR is officially finished and has been emailed to both my editor and my agent!  92,636 words.  :)

Now to catch up on all this other stuff.

Er... where to begin? ::ulp!::

Guess What?!

Coming in at 396 pages and exactly 90,800 words, the first draft of CONCRETE SAVIOR is finished!

Now to let it simmer for a bit, then start the read-through and edit.